Desk Organising Is The Trickiest Office Cleaning Chore

I have been in the office cleaning business for almost twenty years now, and have trained numerous people who made their first steps in the industry on my watch. Rookie cleaners always ask me what is the most challenging part of the job is, and I have a surprising answer for them – organising the desks or work stations.

How come? Well, for me, carpet or floor cleaning, polishing the windows or doing the regular upkeep chores for the general areas are pretty straight-forward – you follow simple rules, you have an established algorithm, and more often than not you have to let your equipment do the job.

That obviously cannot be your approach when you do the desk organising. Every single worker has their style of operating – some are pedantically organised, others like a bit of a creative mess. Some put their papers in neat folders – others leave them in a heap all over the place. As a cleaner, you will have some issues with the second kind.

The key to effectively solve the problem is communication. The last thing you want on your hands is an argument about missing notes or ever worse – important documentation. Be flexible and sort out the most suitable approach for every person you work with. I know it may be a huge challenge if you need to cover large corporate premises, but it will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run.